Purpose Of The Quiz

A Bible Quizzing program can serve to:

Teach youth to make daily application of the Word of God.
Motivate youth to memorize the Word of God.
Teach youth to reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude and action.
Provide an opportunity for discipling to take place among youth.
Form habits of daily Bible study for life.

Things To Take Care Of


Quiz link will be active from 10 am to 10 pm, afterwards it will be disabled. Total Time to complete the quiz is 10 mins.

Registration Fees

Rs100/- only. Kindly handover the money to your church YPE Secretary or Pastor, they will handover it to the YPE Officials. Registration fees is yearly. One time payment for complete year.

Registration Process

Registration is compulsory. Only one participant can register with one id. Multiple registration is not possible with 1 Email ID.

Email ID/ Mobile No

You have to provide an accurate Email Address and later on Update Your Mobile Number in Your profile if You want to get the prize.

Which Bible Version & Language?

English Bible of NKJV version

Number Of Questions?

A quiz shall consist of 25 questions with 4 options.

How will I know My Result?

When you finish answering, your result will be announced immediately.

Calculation Scores

The score is calculated using the following parameters:

1. Number of correct AND wrong answers.
2. Time taken to complete the quiz.


1st Prize – Rs 1,000
2nd Prize – Rs 500
3rd Prize – Rs 250
Prizes will be distributed on monthly basis. The one who score the maximum marks for the particular month will be awarded.

Most Important - Restrictions

"Minimizing the window", "Opening a New Tab" or "Pressing the Back Button" will lead to disqualification from current as well as from further quizzes until notified by the admin.

Bible Books List For 2019

List of the Book, Month-wise that will be asked for Online Bible Quiz.